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Adidas and Kanye West Sign Long-term Partnership

Adidas and Kanye West Sign Long-term Partnership

It’s been a long time coming. After months of waiting, it is official. Adidas and Kanye West are finally coming together.

Adidas has been courting Kanye West to form an official partnership since they got him from their rival Nike in 2013. The German-based company brought the singer-turned-designer on board to improve their presence in the global sports brand arena, and so far, they haven't been disappointed. Following several releases of retro sneakers, and particularly after the launch of the Superstar, Adidas has been getting closer to its goal of hitting market sales similar to those of Nike (Nike currently makes about two times as much as Adidas in market sales every year). The partnership between the two promises to be interesting for both parties.

A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

If the past is anything to go by, the Adidas-West collaboration will be beneficial for both parties.

The partnership, which marks the first time a large sports corporation has made a multimillion-dollar design deal with a non-athlete, will give Adidas some much-needed traction on the sportswear niche, particularly in North America. West brings experience and an understanding of that particular market, so the next few years should be innovative ones for the German manufacturer. As Adidas US head said to Reuters, the company expects to bring in larger sales in the long-term by recruiting more stars.

Kanye West will also gain from changing his brand from lifestyle to sports, of making his experience with streetwear work for performance. According to him, a partnership with Adidas will afford him more funds and creative freedom than he had with Nikes.

The fact that Adidas will allow him to sell his Yeezy products and even set up a few stores to help him along with the venture may have also played a large part in his decision.