Art Heart Fashion Show Friday / Saturday October 6th-7th 2017

Art Heart Fashion Show Friday / Saturday October 6th-7th 2017

The lively event took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, a Forbes four-star rated establishment. The world-class hotel is known for its countless star-studded events, and the Art Heart Fashion event was one to be remembered. The event was held for a couple of days, including the Friday 6th and Saturday 7th.

On Saturday, the event started at 7 pm and went on till about 11 pm PST. In attendance was the Bello Media Group staff and they certainly captured the best moments of the event, from the elite setup to the rich talent that dominated the whole venue. Fashion and lifestyle agency Maison Privée was represented too – and their presence was unmistakable. There were plenty of stylists from New York, LA as well as Miami. Omer H. Paracha, the owner of Paraval, was in attendance. At the event, he met with his all-time friend and fellow celebrity James Maslow who was dressed for the night. They both have remarkable taste in fashion, and always look stylish – and do so almost effortlessly. Maslow and Paracha were both rocking the Paraval line.

The show on Friday started with a runway presentation from Usama Ishtay with some unique, flashy pieces. This was followed by Dextrose whose designs creatively stood out. What followed next were the Charles & Ron pieces that always give an instant spark to fashion lovers. The cocktail reception for the event was held in the garden area where they had two cars for auction.

The Art Heart event is not just made to showcase and appreciate fashion. It also supports a charity, mainly providing aid to the less fortunate. This selfless act is similar to that of Paraval, only that Paraval’s is themed towards children’s education.

After the event was over most of the stylist, designers and stars who were attending took to the open bar to have a good time – enjoying quality conversation with friends and potential business associates over glasses of wine and champagne.  Paracha, on the other hand, decided to head out and watch a movie with some friends. It was a breathtaking event, and Paracha definitely knew how to close the night.

On Saturday, the event started later than scheduled, but it quickly picked up the pace. Paracha as well as designer Richard Currier showed up to the event excited to see what this day had in store. They were both fully and stylishly dressed in Paraval attire, and yet again made the pieces look even more eye-catching. They were especially excited to see the Micheal Neo pieces. Both Designer Rich and Paracha loved the pieces and appreciated the richness of the designer's works. They were captured by Getty images for the event, and the photographs brought out the liveliness of the moment.

Overall, the Art Heart event for the fashion week in LA was exhilarating. The Paraval team learned a lot from the designers' showcases during the two days. The ideas learned have inspired them for future collections and collaborations.