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Chance the Rapper States He Brought Back Supreme & Champion

Chance the Rapper States He Brought Back Supreme & Champion

That’s right. On alive Instagram feed, Chance the Rapper took time to tell his audience that he alone was responsible for bringing back the streetwear brand Supreme.

‘I brought It Back’

Granted, the 24-year-old Chicago-based singer is influential in the streetwear universe. A 2016 poll by market intelligence platform Affinio showed that Chance the rapper came second only to Kanye West when it came to influence to sneaker tech. (that puts him ahead of Canadian rapper Drake). Chance’s influence also extends to street fashion, given that his on-stage style redefines hip-hop styles across the board. However, his self-proclaimed re-invention of the Supreme brand raised a lot of eyebrows.

Chance was taking his viewers through his suitcase after a recent trip. He showcased a variety of items, all brand-name articles bearing logos the likes of Gucci and Thom Browne. However, the item that pulled all the controversy from the box was a Champion + Supreme jacket. The “No Problem” singer pointed to that and made a bold statement.

He remarked, “Everyone knows I brought Supreme back.” He went on to say that he revolutionized Champion as well, taking credit for the re-emergence of the brand before making his closing, which reiterated that without him, none of those labels would be cool to wear.

The Backlash

Even with Chance’s influence on the market, many people did not agree with his views, and they took to Twitter to express their views. Response to the rapper’s bold comments ranged from agreement to outright denial, with many of those who disagreed with him crediting fellow rapper Tyler the Creator with the re-emergence of Supreme.

 While it may never be clear which rapper is responsible for Supreme’s comeback, one thing remains clear. The Streetwear brand is back and it’s here to stay. The long lines that are usually spotted all through West Hollywood every Thursday attest to that.