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Could StockX be bringing Paraval Streetwear closer to you?

Could StockX be bringing Paraval Streetwear closer to you?

Finding the right clothes, especially the streetwear that goes with your personal style, will not be as hard as it used to be if StockX has their way. As the exclusive designers and retailers of aviation-inspired streetwear, we at Paraval might be coming closer to you through the app.

About Paraval

Paraval has been a symbol of classy, elegant dress since it was founded and started hand-making its designs in Los Angeles. Built from a dream that more people could own tees, jeans, and other high-quality, high-demand streetwear, the Paraval brand has retained its reputation for finesse and quality through the years. We have been providing the more discerning dressers with the best fashion statement pieces in the market.

As Paraval seeks to make its statement pieces streetwear closer to you, StockX, the Bid/Ask market that makes it easier and worthwhile to buy your designer pieces, might be the go-to place for it sooner than you think.

Paraval might be on StockX

For those who are new to it, we will give a run-down of StockX. StockX, used in Detroit, is the app equivalent of a stock market. However, instead of dealing with stocks and shares, the market allows owners to sell or resell high-end merchandise, like Nikes and Retro Jordans.

StockX allows anyone to put up such products up for sale for a price called an Ask. Buyers looking for the products bid for them. Once a bid and an ask match, the transaction automatically happens. But there is a catch, or in the case of anyone looking for legitimate, luxurious streetwear, a benefit of buying from StockX – you will always get the original product because each item put up for sale is authenticated by hand. If Paraval comes on board StockX, you can always buy that new daring Paraval piece without worrying about it being legit, because it will be.

Paraval streetwear is unique and for that reason in demand, a perfect complement for high-end consumer markets like StockX.