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Do you know the Classics in Paraval's 'Runway' Collection?

Do you know the Classics in Paraval's 'Runway' Collection?

Let’s talk a little about Paraval. Paraval, founded in 2016, is a US-based iconic fashion brand that deals exclusively with men’s streetwear. When most people think of men’s streetwear, they think of bling and expensive shoes. However, at Paraval, we believe that each item of clothing a man puts on says a lot about who he is, and that is why we always aim to help men express themselves. With each article you buy from Paraval, you proclaim that you are original, daring and timelessly classy. With each bunch of men’s t-shirts or distressed jeans for men you purchase from the LA-based brand, you declare your open-mindedness that comes with the aviation-themed fashion line.

In December 2017, Paraval launches its Runway Collection. It’s time to ask yourself just how much you know about this collection. And how many classics can you get from buying from Paraval’s Runway line?

Black Jackets for Men

One item that should never miss from any man’s wardrobe is the black jacket. We’re not talking about a dinner jacket here. Paraval’s black satin and nylon jacket from the Runway Collection becomes a classic the moment it hits the streets for that reason. No man should be without one, which makes it a must-have for any reputable men’s streetwear fashion icon.

Paraval went above and beyond with their Runway classic black men’s jackets. The first, an Ace bomber jacket with a lapel collar, is made of pure satin imported from the best Japanese fabric companies. The inside of the jacket is made from a white material modified that makes the jacket not only look but also feel good, not to mention warm.

The second classic from the runway collection is the black 100% nylon bomber jacket. Where the satin jacket is elegant and made for any informal but trendy event, the bomber jacket men will cover you for any trip to the club, class or hike. The jacket, with its zip up mechanism and fashionable ribbed collar and arm pockets, is one of the greatest-looking pieces in the Runway Collection.


Let’s face it, camouflage is the ultimate image of stylish men’s streetwear. Not only does camo look great, it also represents a certain fortitude that only comes from being in the streets. The camouflage cargo pants, oversized standard men’s t-shirts and men’s jacket in Paraval’s Runway line are instant classics because they add to the mystique and boldness of wearing camouflage. They are also cool to look at.

The drawstring cargo pants and matching men’s jackets come in a collage of subdued dark greens, light greens, and blacks. The men’s t-shirts come in more or less the same colors, with the addition of a cheery yellow to make it stand out. Though the pieces retail separately, buying all three together would the best option for trendsetters on the men’s streetwear category. You can then dress up your favorite black t-shirt with the camo pants and the jacket, or your usual black ripped jeans for men with the camo t-shirt. It’s a win-win either way.