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Fashionistas, BitPay just landed!

Fashionistas, BitPay just landed!

Digital currency is trending, and we at Paraval are trending with it. If you have been looking for a more convenient, simple-to-use method to pay for those fabulous looking designer labels, then we just brought it to you. Through BitPay, you can now say goodbye to plastic and paper money. That might sound scary, but we assure you, cryptocurrency is not as scary as it used to be. And just to ease you into this latest trend, here is a rundown of how BitPay works and why it’s advantageous to you.

How BitPay works

Digital currency, commonly known as cryptocurrency, is a form of payment that uses bitcoins for transactions. This method enables you to make transactions autonomously, so you don't have to worry about handling all the pesky complicated transaction details. BitPay also uses encrypted channels to let you buy anything from the net, making it safer than other means on the market.

At Paraval, we have bottoms, denim, outwear, tees and tops, and we know that sometimes, picking one outfit is just not enough for you. Sometimes your cart gets full so fast, and your credit card is not in reach. Instead of worrying about it as you would before, you will be glad to know that now, you can use your BitPay settle all your bills. Isn’t that convenient? With BitPay, you won’t have to walk around with your credit card anymore.

The procedure is quick and straightforward and has security which is a quality we know you value. BitPay through its application allows you to manage your finances on it’s secure, open-source wallet. If you are still into plastic paper, don’t worry because you can get yourself a BitPay Visa debit card and perform transactions just as efficiently as the online procedure.

It's time to eliminate the middleman and his ridiculous fees. Banks and other third parties tend to subject online shoppers to charges: from exchanging currencies and performing the transactions.The Bitcoin does not involve third parties; hence you need not worry about extreme fees on your purchases.

With BitPay payment, there is no lag in transactions. When you need our pieces for a photo shoot or to attend a flashy event, you can be sure that our delivery system will get your pieces to you in time.

Therefore, if you are a BitPay user or would rather use this method of payment, the Paraval family has made shopping more exciting for you.

As you move with the trends in payment, do not forget to check out our newest arrivals and pieces. We are here to help you express your individuality, dress you leisurely but elegantly at the same time. Our trends leave a statement, one that we want you, our clients, to feel proud of leaving. Paraval therefore only make the best from quality fabric, and at the hands of the best designers in town.

Seeing as we only have the best for you, be sure to fill up your cart today and pay with BitPay.