It's Official: Paraval's 'Runway' Collection was an instant hit this season

It's Official: Paraval's 'Runway' Collection was an instant hit this season

Los Angeles-based fashion brand Paraval recently launched its winter collection ‘Runway’ and the collection has already hit it big. That’s good news for those men’s streetwear enthusiasts who missed out on the launch’s announcement and great news for those who got their hands on a piece of Paraval’s newest addition to the fashion scene. Your jacket could have just become a lot more valuable! So, what was in ‘Runway’ that made it extremely attractive to consumers? And what is the story behind the already-famous men’s streetwear pieces? Read on to find out this and more about the Paraval ‘Runway’ line.

The Runway Collection: Past and Present

Paraval is a fashion brand started in 2016 with a view to revolutionize the men’s streetwear scene in Los Angeles and mainland US. Since its inception, Paraval has provided its customers with men’s t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, skinny jeans, bomber jackets and flannels made from imported fabrics of the highest quality. It has introduced the aviation concept to the fashion scene, making Paraval the first aerial-inspired brand in the market. The uniqueness of the Paraval pieces in the Runway Collection was once reason that sent everyone to shopping stores in December. The style and quality of the fabric are reasons number two and three.

Paraval’s latest line had eleven articles. Six men’s jackets and five pairs of men’s trousers, each handmade and tailored for optimal comfort, cut with a flourish to ensure that any person who wore them would look stylish and with a little effort, even elegant. Each piece in the Runway Collection represented a different statement.

The jackets for men came in a variety of styles. There was the black and the blue Jean denim jacket with highlighter green and highlighter orange stripes respectively which mimicked air traffic control guides. The Italian Salvage denim made the pieces volatile and trendy, whereas the stripes made a statement that like Paraval, the wearer of the pieces was stepping out of the safety of their comfort zones and taking a more daring direction. The black nylon jacket, an instant classic, was elegant in its simplicity and so was the black satin jacket with the white inner lining.

Lastly, Paraval did customers a favor by incorporating one of the most popular trends in men’s streetwear, camouflage, into Runway. Runway had three pieces made from camo – draw-stringed, multi-pocketed cargo pants, round-collar men’s t-shirts and button-down camo jackets for men. Anyone into men’s streetwear can appreciate how much demand there is for clothing with camouflage. After all, camouflage is associated with the armed forces, with the daring and courage that comes with it. These last three pieces of the Runway Collection signified that anyone wearing Paraval camo is bold, as the brand is bold.

Paraval has always been a statement fashion brand, and the Runway Collection only bolsters that fact. Customers enjoyed this latest line from Paraval, and now the question on everyone’s mind is ‘how much bigger and better can Paraval get with their next line?’ Runway will be a tough collection to beat, but not impossible for Paraval.