Paraval and Amani Hope Foundation Inc.

Paraval and Amani Hope Foundation Inc.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." At Paraval, education is considered a vital aspect of the life of every individual. In this era, children are the bearers of the world’s future. Education today represents a means of emancipation of whole communities through their children. Paraval understands that, and that is why it has been at the forefront of ensuring that as many children as possible get educated. The internationally renowned fashion company has been a donor partner with Amani Hope Foundation Incorporated.

Amani Hope Foundation is an African-based non-profit organization founded in 2013. The Amani Hope Foundation is an association that was formed by Kuda Biza. Biza is the co-founder of AFR Clothing, a social enterprise that is devoted to educating the African child by donating 20% of its profits towards the Amani Hope Foundation. Kuda Biza’s philanthropic mission began in his childhood. Born and raised in rural Zimbabwe, he aspired to study abroad – America to be precise, but his family could not finance his dream of an international education. However, after months of hard work, Biza was lucky enough to get a scholarship at Lynn University’s School of Business. There, his desire to fight for humanity heightened. He wanted to make a way for the less fortunate kids in society who he felt like him, deserved an education.

Biza started the Amani Hope Foundation as a means to empower the African child. The NPO was formed to give Biza a way to give back through his company, AFR Clothing. The mission of this project is to empower less privileged children worldwide by giving them scholarships and access to good education. As part of the scholarship, the Amani Hope Foundation also caters for the school supplies of sponsored children. Additionally, the foundation also introduces education programs to areas in developing nations where it was previously inaccessible.

The vision of the Amani Hope Foundation remains to educate children worldwide, starting with the developing nations. Africa is the main focus of the organization now. The foundation maintains that this is so because based on the most recent UNESCO statistics, over 50% of the world’s uneducated primary-aged children are from Sub-Saharan Africa. Spreading education through this region would also go a long way in empowering the African child and the continent as a whole, which is in line with the goals of the foundation.

Paraval, much like Biza’s AFR Clothing, is a fashion company committed to making the world a better place even as it perpetuates fashion and style around the world. As such, the enterprise gives a portion of its earnings towards the Amani Hope Foundation each time it makes a profit. With aid from Paraval, the Amani Hope foundation can sponsor more and more children into the universities of their dreams. These children go on to become some of Africa's and other developing regions' change makers. With help from Paraval, the Amani Hope Foundation is able to keep the vision of Kuda Biza, to empower each child so that each child will empower another. You can also be a part of this initiative by giving your donations here.