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Paraval’s ‘Runway’ Launch set for December

Paraval’s ‘Runway’ Launch set for December

No designing company has been as committed to keeping the men’s streetwear culture alive in Los Angeles as Paraval. With each of our aviation-inspired men’s t-shirts, flannels, sweatpants, sweatshirts and other pieces we commit to ensuring only the best and most luxurious streetwear pieces make into the clothing stores in the area.

At Paraval, our commitment to providing high-end quality streetwear to the more discerning customer has led us to care for how we conduct our daily operations. It is our desire to make sure that our customers have only the best that has made us import high-quality fabric from Italy, Japan, and various other destinations and put it into the hands of skilled tailors to come up with trendy, neatly stitched handmade pieces. Pieces that make our customers the envy of their crews. Our dedication to keeping our clients’ outfits fashionable and up-to-date is also the reason that we decided to introduce the newest clothing collection – the Runway Collection – in December 2017.

A Sneak Peek at the Runway Collection

Paraval has always been about producing streetwear that is trendy and unique while still sticking to the aviation theme that our founder envisioned for the clothing line. The Runway Collection aims to meet these prerequisites and onto them its own inspiration.

For a major collection, Paraval’s Runway line will be quite small, consisting of only eleven pieces. Among those pieces will be jeans for men and men’s jackets.

The collection will have four pairs of men’s jeans each made of 17 oz. of Italian Salvage denim. Each pair will also have the Runway signature highlighter orange or green stripes with a touch of silver down the middle. Like all other men’s jeans from Paraval, the four pairs will also have a drop crotch to ensure the comfort of those who wear them.

Camouflage will also be a prevalent feature in the Runway collection, which will have a camo men's t-shirt, men's jacket, and cargo pants. Each of those pieces will be made from luxurious silicon-wash salvage denim from Japan, meaning anyone who owns even a one of these will be in for 13 oz. quality fabric clothing. There is nothing like having a little camo in your wardrobe add make any outfit you put on just the right amount of edgy. The pieces will be available individually, but you can choose to get the entire ensemble from your nearest men’s streetwear shop.

To complete the set will be men’s jackets in various colors, designs, and fabrics. Two of the jackets for men in the Runway Collection will be made from black nylon and satin imported from Japan while the other two (camo jacket aside) will be Italian salvage denim. One of the denim jackets will be a black denim jacket men with stripes in highlighter green. The other will be a blue jacket with highlighter orange strips.

In short, one thing you can say about Paraval’s upcoming Runway Collection is that no piece in this line will be boring or common.