Paraval's 'Runway' Collection becomes a Big Hit in First Week

Paraval's 'Runway' Collection becomes a Big Hit in First Week

If you are a fan of high-quality, high-demand men’s streetwear staying anywhere in the Los Angeles vicinity, then you know about Paraval. But did you know that Paraval launched its Runway Collection in February 2018? If you were not, then you still have time to hit the store and get LA’s biggest men’s streetwear trendsetter this season.

Paraval, the Smart Streetwear

The Paraval brand will be hitting the two-year mark at the end of 2017. Young as it is though, the fashion brand has become one of the trendiest men’s streetwear lines in LA, known for its aviation-inspired themes as well as its experimental and daring high-end pieces.

So far, Paraval has not been disappointing in its wardrobe pieces. From camo men’s t-shirts and distressed jeans for men to bomber jackets and men’s flannel shirts, the brand has made its mark on the streetwear culture. Paraval as a brand has shown that you can embrace comfort and still pull off stylish getups with their iconic drop crotches, oversize fit men’s t-shirts and satin statement men’s bomber jackets. And why go for other denim pieces while you get Paraval’s authentic, all-Italian salvage denim pieces? If you appreciate your luxury and have an eye for quality, then Paraval should be your go-to brand for original men’s streetwear. There is no better way to make yourself the cynosure of the club than by wearing Paraval. When you wear Paraval, you wear elegance, you display taste and you explore fashion.

Why the Runway Collection is Hot this Season

Men’s streetwear is a volatile market, meaning that there is always something new on the market each year. So what makes Paraval’s Runway Collection popular of all the brands launched in February? Why is everyone rushing to buy pieces in this line this season?

According to customers, it’s all in the cut [and the look]. The line, which consists of eleven pieces ranging from jackets for men to camo-inspired men’s t-shirts, is made of quality imported fabrics unique to Paraval and its lines. 100% nylons and satins, 17 oz. Italian salvage denim, cargo material all the way from Japan, there is nothing not to like about this collection. And if the fabric didn’t do you in, customers said, the design definitely did.

Paraval’s Runway Collection is made for men of many tastes. For those looking for volatile, wear-with-anything pieces, the collection has a black denim jacket for men that will do the job. More daring fashion icons can pull off any look with the line’s camo men’s t-shirts, cargo-pants, jacket and a good pair of Timberland boots. There are also men’s jeans in black and blue with highlighter orange or green stripes which one can rock with a black t-shirt (even a white t-shirt will do) and a decent jacket.

No piece in this collection will leave you looking anything but a trendsetter. At least that is the reason most customers gave for buying at least two pieces from this collection the minute it hit the stores.