Take Off Part 2 is Out: A Sneak Peek into the Runway Collection

Take Off Part 2 is Out: A Sneak Peek into the Runway Collection

At Paraval, we pride ourselves on delivering on our guarantees. Last year, we launched the Take Off Collection Part 1. The collection of high-end, high-quality pieces, ranging from full-fledged camo to long, plus-size men’s t-shirts and their complementary crotch drop jeans, proved to be immensely popular among our wearers. It’s also why we promised our wearers that a second round of the same. Are you a fan of our aviation-inspired luxury streetwear line? Well, then you’re in luck. This January, Paraval is proud to introduce to you the long-awaited Take Off Collection Part 2, or as we like to call it, the Runway Collection.

Keep the Old, But Keep It Trendy

The new Takeoff Collection aka the Runway Collection will carry on with the style of the original Take Off line. To stay true to its Take Off roots, clothes from this line will have the Take Off label as opposed to a Runway one.

We drew inspiration for the Runway Collection from Take Off Collection Part 1 as well as fashionable street styles. At Paraval, our aim is always to ensure that our wearers look and feel exceptional. The Runway line will embody these qualities. Pieces from this collection will be made from the finest materials, imported from Japan and Italy and hand-made in Los Angeles.

We also put a lot of thought into how this line could be perfect for fans of exclusive streetwear and came up with a solution. First, the Runway Collection will feature the best of current streetwear. We’re talking the classic camo looks and recent additions such as ripped jeans and oversized men's sweatshirts and tees common to brands like Yeezy. Secondly, all pieces in the Runway Collection will have their design tailored for comfort and stylishness. They will have classic cuts and the finest hand-work.

Take Off Part 2: The Runway Collection will re-define streetwear as we know it.