The History of Streetwear

The History of Streetwear

What is Streetwear?

Streetwear style of clothing is particularly difficult to define, as it encompasses a wide variety of distinct elements. It has a rich origin, being traced back to the late 1970s and early 1980s. it is said to have been born and rooted in Los Angeles, California, and has since then been growing, transforming and trending upwards steadily. Streetwear’s West Coast roots have been associated with the surf and skate culture of its birth town. Although the trends in streetwear are ever changing, all productions of the style have been centered on maximizing comfort and staying casual. The creative stretch that comes with this modern form of dressing is what has brought us to today’s most renowned makers of street fashion pieces, such as Paraval.

How it came to be

Why then did Paraval make streetwear its point of focus in the fashion industry? This cultural dress code that is dated back to the 70s and 80s appealed to a certain group of people that positively responded to its initiation. After it made its break, it was warmly and widely received, expanding its way into encompassing features of some existent styles such as hip-hop fashion, Japanese street fashion and even modern haute couture. Streetwear fashion since the70s has been worn by the urban youth and has been influenced by their ever-changing approach towards life on the streets.

Streetwear fashion is contemporary and it can be either casual wear or designer wear. The ultimate goal for both casual and designer wear is to capitalize on comfort and do so in a trendy way, of course. Most of the time, the designer brands that sell more on streetwear pieces team up with brands that are specially streetwear oriented to sell limited stock at high demand for their exclusive clothing pieces.

Paraval and Streetwear

Some fashion companies have mastered the art of being a casual wear and designer wear agency, making themselves the ideal streetwear fashion companies. This is where Paraval got its unique and attractive trait from. It is the 21st century, and everyone is trying to look sleek while casually and comfortably going at it. With the constant pieces in streetwear which include tees, jeans, sweatpants, baseball caps, hoodies and sneakers still holding their consistency, Paraval has been able to come up with the most luxurious, comfy and unique pieces in the current fashion world.

Streetwear has themes that are influenced by every designer’s personal interests. Paraval for one is propelled by their aviation-themed streetwear fashion. There is always a new arrival, always surpassing previous ones. With topwear, outerwear, denim, bottoms and tees coming and hitting the market by storm every so often, Paraval definitely lives up to the expectations of quality streetwear. The youth who rock these pieces bring out the clothing style and leave a statement of stylishness. If you are a streetwear die-hard fan and are interested in getting quality, rich and affordable clothing, Paraval has everything you are looking for. Be sure to check out and get yourself a couple of their latest arrivals.