The Style of Paraval

The Style of Paraval

What you wear says a lot about who you are. It lets those who walk around you know what you value, and makes a statement every time you walk the streets. At Paraval, we understand that and that is why we aim to give you the very best aesthetic and sensory experience with every piece of Paraval Streetwear you add to your wardrobe. But what exactly is Paraval? What makes us a singularly stylish and lavish brand? What is, as we like to call it, the style of Paraval, and why should you buy into it? Explore more about us in this article as we tell you more about our elegant aviation-themed fashion line.

What is Paraval?

Paraval is the unique line formed by our founder and President, Omer Paracha. When built, Paracha's vision for the company was one that provided people with a means to express their identity. A line that gave them an avenue to showcase their individuality while remaining true the principle of high-quality dress and comfort that makes every piece not only valuable and trendy but also in high demand. With that in mind, Omer founded Paraval in 2016 and established a style to help the brand stand out. That style was of an aviation-themed streetwear, a style that had not been attempted before.

Why an Aviation-themed Style?

Before we get to what the theme represents, you have to understand what the style is.

Each designer in the fashion industry gets his inspiration from varying sources. When streetwear began, for example, designers and other influential style icons turned to sports like skateboarding and surfing for their designs. In the same way, Paraval is an exclusive streetwear designer line that draws its inspiration from the aviation industry. If you’re the sort of person who likes what aviation stands for, the freedom, the daring and the variability of it, then Paraval is the clothing brand you should look out for. Why does Paraval have an aviation-themed style though, you might ask yourself. The answer is simple: aviation is classy, it’s exclusive and it makes a statement, and so does anyone who wears Paraval.

Classy: Paraval is not your average clothing brand. It is a brand that caters simultaneously to the highest levels of comfort and style. When you wear a Paraval tee or sweats or a pair of jeans from us, you are guaranteed to look sleek and fashionable no matter where you go.

Exclusive: at Paraval, we are dedicated to making the most well-cut pieces from high-quality from all over the world, from Japan to Italy. Ours is a line that sells top-of-the-range products to those top-of-the-range customers. Our aviation theme only feeds into what we already know: we are the best streetwear makers in LA.

Impactful: fashion pieces that do not tell your identity or make a statement when you walk through the streets comes second to those that do. Paraval’s aviation-themed style is unique and authentic, aesthetic and of high quality. It is handmade and made from the finest fabric. And it is guaranteed to make a fashion statement, a statement of sleek and suave chicness, wherever you go.