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What was the Style Concept behind Paraval's 'Runway' Collection?

What was the Style Concept behind Paraval's 'Runway' Collection?

Anyone who was able to get their hands on Paraval’s latest line, the Runway Collection, was fortunate because this might just be some of the best work from the luxury men’s streetwear fashion company. Runway, which is the third collection from the company that dresses some of the fashion icons in men’s streetwear, is not only as creative as the other lines from Paraval, it is also the most diverse, daring and exploratory line on the market. But just was behind the leap for Paraval, moving from mainstream men’s streetwear to the unusual pieces in the Runway collection? What motivated Paraval to design each of the men's jackets, men's t-shirts, and jeans for men as they did? We explore all this in this piece.

It’s about Visibility…

Looking good and getting people to notice you has been what Paraval is about for a long time. How will people fail to notice when you put on high-end, high-demand fashion statement men’s streetwear pieces? Everything we make at Paraval – from men’s t-shirts and bomber jackets to sweatshirts and sweatpants – is made from high-quality fabric handmade by the most skilled designers in LA. However, with the Runway Collection, we wanted to go a bit further and make you more visible.

Added visibility is the reason we used reflector cloth on the 100% Italian Selvedge denim jacket and jeans for men. The highlighter green and orange stripes with the silver down the middle are one guaranteed way to make anyone daring enough to wear them look bold and unique. You will not find a design like that anywhere but at Paraval. It takes boldness to wear Paraval, and the six pieces in this collection that use reflector cloth reflect that.

… And the Brand

When Paraval was founded in 2016, the founder had a vision for it. That it would revolutionize the men’s streetwear scene by bringing on a concept that had not been heard of before, by using aviation as a theme to create a luxury line for men’s clothing. The Runway collection was borne of this vision. Every article in the collection is distinct and easily recognizable s Paraval because each one pays tribute to the aviation industry.

The reflector cloth on the men’s jackets and jeans allude to the colors that help control air traffic. It shows that Paraval is a safe bet for anyone who wants to step up the level of sophistication on their streetwear. In the same way, anyone who knows their armed forces will recognize the camouflage men’s jackets, men’s t-shirts and cargo pants in Paraval’s latest fashion collection. We decided to that camo would be a perfect addition to our existing lines because we wanted our customers to know that we are fashionable (camo is a trendy look after all) and aggressive. At Paraval, we are not content to just stick to what we know. We move out of our comfort zone of classic colors and designs to make statement pieces like the camouflage pieces, and will continue to do so moving forward.